MRI Review

We will review and interpret your MRI study and issue a detailed, informative and definitive (when possible) MRI review and second opinion report of our findings.

If requested, he will compare your MRI radiology second opinion test to previous radiology exams you’ve had.

Our doctor will comment on the quality of MRI exam and recommend a repeat study if the quality is not adequate.

Based on this review, he will make a specific recommendation for a further course of action or follow up examination.

Why do I need an MRI Second Opinion?

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam is among the most powerful diagnostic tools for detecting many types of illnesses. Your doctor ordered an MRI exam because he or she wanted to make sure you had the best diagnostic care possible, leading to the best back pain treatment, if treatment is needed. An MRI second opinion is an important part of that process.

MRI images are captured by machines using enormous magnets and evaluated by radiologists. However, the interpretation of MRI results is not clear cut. The machine provides a view inside the body, but it is up to human eyes and the judgment of the treating physician to analyze what the machine has recorded and clinically correlate this findings.

What do I do next?

The first step in figuring out what the best treatment plan for you is to make an appointment to see our highly specialized spine doctor in NYC. Interventional Spine Specialists are the best option for your diagnosis to learn more about your non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment options.

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